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Lifestyle consultation and courses design to motivate and inspire you to make life changing decisions.


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We have extensive experience and can show to good results with training guidance with simple exercises that strengthen the body, and enriches your everyday life. The exercises we use have been used in studies, and show benefit to both pain management in the neck, shoulders, and head.


We can tailor a specialised offer for your company or we can hold private sessions.



Group exercise



 Prrivate: Mondays at 08:45. Wednesday at 14:00


For businesses, we can contribute and help create a health concept suited to your employees. The focus can be on stress management, work wellbeing, diet, or exercise.


- Health days/health campaigns

- Kick-off and guided exercise in groups

- Lectures


Private exercise and offers

Do you find it difficult to make changes improve your health, putting you at risk of lifelong illness? We offer guidance based on methods (inviting and motivating interview) that also creates a desire for change when motivation is hard to find. The feedback from our participants in the exercise guidance and functional strength training is that it makes life a little easier and they can feel the health benefits every day.


Close follow up is complimented by activity and training, either private, or in groups. The follow up can be done in co-operation with our doctors.


We offer:

-          Nutritional guidance

-          Exercise guidance

-          Motivational concealing

-          Stress management

-          Quit smoking  


Trening/ Livsstil

Hverdagstrening som er lystbetont og motiverende. Trening i Langgaten 40, ute i lokalmiljøet eller i din virksomhet

  • Stryketrening med strikk, 45 min.
  • Pilatestrening for bekkenbunn/bekken
  • Individuell trenigsveiledning med naturen som arena
  • Skreddersydde treningsprogrammer for virksomheter med fokus på økt nærvær
  • Kroppsanalyse med veilending i 20 min: 400,-
fra 130,-