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Spir Helse’s goal is to offer assistance to help organize and improve your business’s internal HSE system. Spir Helse offer high quality competence in physical, psychological, and chemical working environments, as well as sick leave support. We work actively and closely with you to help you towards your business goals for increasing wellbeing, efficiency, and profitability within your business.


We strive to make health, environment, and safety work understandable and directly applicable to your business.


Spir Helse offers a highly qualified, dedicated team to assist within the following areas:




-          Counceling in developing HSC documentation

-          Risk evaluations (vernerunde)

-          Medical support

-          Preventative HSE work / traning



Prevention and support of sick leave

-          Mapping of sick leave

-          Preventative measures to work related absence

-          Focus campaigns

-          Participation in dialog meetings

-          Contact between NAV, general practitioner, manager, and employer

-          Follow up programmes in related to pregnancies




-          Workplace evaluation with mitigating actions

-          Work organisation

-          Advice on working positions

-          Development of preventative care training programs

-          Education and lectures


Drugs and addiction


-          Development of AKAN-contract

-          Advice upon suspicion

-          Support with regards to treatment

-          Medical testing

-          Follow up

-          Counselling


Physical work environment


We offer HSE analysis mapping, risk evaluation, and mitigating actions for chemical, physical, and biological environment factors.   


Psychosocial working environment


-          Counselling and mitigating actions for bullying and harassment

-          Preparedness guidance and follow up support after unwanted incidents

-          Management guidance and support for organisational changes

-          Support in conflict cases

-          Contribute to a positive working environment


Spir Helse will tailor to your company’s needs.